Product List

Flour Products:
  Product Size Count
  Flour Tortilla 6 ½ in. Dozen
  Flour Tortilla 8 in. Dozen
  Flour Tortilla 10 in. Dozen
  Flour Tortilla 12 in. Dozen
  Flour Tortilla 14 in. Dozen
  Flour Tortilla 16 in. Dozen
  Wheat Tortilla Burrito Dozen
  Telera Dozen
Corn Products:
  Product   Weight
  Corn Chips - Fryed   1 lb.
  Corn Tortilla   3 lbs.
  Corn Tortilla   6 lbs.
  Corn Tortilla   9 lbs.
  Mini Tortilla   5 lbs.
  Tortilla for Rolls   8 ½ lbs.
  Tortilla for Chips   8 lbs.
  Tortilla for Chips Cut   8 lbs.
  Colored Chips ( Red /Green )   8 lbs.
  Massa for Tortilla   1 lb.
  Massa for Tamales   per lb.
  Massa for Tamales (Prep)   per lb.
  Tostada - Fryed   24 Count
  Product             Count  
  Sopes             Dozen
  Huaraches             Dozen
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